La Gloire De Mon Pere & Le Chateau De Ma Mere

La Gloire De Mon Pere & Le Chateau De Ma Mere

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Director: Yves Robert

Starring: Phillipe Caubere, Nathalie Roussel, Didier Pain

Marcel nostalgically recalls idyllic retreats with his family to the hills of Provence. A love affair with the country began and during those perfect days as he found new respect for his school-teacher father and adapted to life away from the city.

Together these timeless classics stand as one of cinema's greatest celebrations of childhood, filled with warmth, love and a poignant nostalgia for bygone days, they continue to captivate audiences.

Bonus Features

La Gloire de Mon Pere

  • Pagnol's Glory - The story of filmmaker Marcel Pagnol's reinvention as a novelist. Includes interviews with Nicolas Pagnol, the grandson of Marcel Pagnol, the French novelist Karin Hann, and features the Marseille locations today.

Le Chateau de Ma Mere:

  • Filming Aunt Rose - The making of La Gloire de Mon Pere and Le Chateau de Ma Mere through the eyes of actress Thérése Liotard and director of photography Robert Alazraki.

Catalogue number: 2NDVD3237

Certificate: U

Region: 2