Welcome to the new Second Sight Films Online Shop

Here you can buy titles across our whole catalogue direct from us, including Pre-Ordering our new releases as they are announced.  Our Amicus titles – The House That Dripped Blood and Asylum, plus Limited Editions of Flight of the Navigator and In Bruges are available to pre-order, as well as the Standard Edition of When a Stranger Calls / When a Stranger Calls Back, and the forthcoming Romance Blu-ray.

In our Limited Edition section you may find some of our popular but out of print titles available as we’ve cleared the warehouse to bring you the very last of some really great editions that haven’t been available for a while.

When you buy direct from us, you’re supporting an independent UK company that’s always striving to bring you great movies on Blu-ray, DVD and digital, with fantastic packaging and the best transfers, restorations, bonus materials and additional content we can deliver.

Orders over £50 ship free in the UK, and USA and EU shipping is free for orders over £100.

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