Ghost Story

Ghost Story

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Director: John Irvin

Starring: Craig Wasson, Alice Krige, Fred Astaire

Four elderly, affluent friends form The Chowder Society, meeting regularly to drink brandy, smoke cigars and share chilling ghost stories. Following the suspicious death of one of the member's sons and the subsequent apparition of a mysterious young woman, the old friends are forced to confront a terrible secret from their past. What follows is the most terrifying ghost story of all, one in which they have all played a part.

Bonus Features

  • Audio Commentary by Director John Irvin
  • Author Peter Straub -Genesis
  • Actor Alice Krige on Alma and Eva
  • Screenwriter Lawrence D. Cohen and Producer Burt Weissbourd -Story Development
  • Albert Whitlock with Bill Taylor: Visual Effects
  • TV and Radio Spots
  • Photo Gallery

Catalogue number: 2NDBR4049

Certificate: 18

Region: B