The Colour of Pomegranates Limited Edition Box Set - OUT OF PRINT

The Colour of Pomegranates Limited Edition Box Set - OUT OF PRINT

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The Colour of Pomegranates Limited Edition is now out of print.  A Standard Edition including the movie and the bonus features listed below is available The Colour of Pomegranates Standard Edition – Second Sight Films

Director: Sergei Parajanov

Starring: Sofiko Chiaureli, Melkon Alekyan, Vilen Galstyan

Sergei Parajanov's celebrated masterpiece paints an astonishing portrait of the 18th century Armenian poet Sayat Nova, the 'King of Song'. Parajanov's aim was not a conventional biography but a cinematic expression of his work, resulting in an extraordinary visual poem. Key moments in his subject's life are illustrated through a series of exquisitely orchestrated tableaux filled with rich colour and stunning iconography, each scene a celluloid painting alive with stylised movement.

Bonus Features

Disc 1
  • Martin Scorsese's The Film Foundation restoration of the the Armenian version (The Parajanov Cut)
  • The Russian version (The Yutkevich Cut) prepared using The Film Foundation's restored material
  • Optional annotated commentary on the Armenian Cut by James Steffen, author of 'he Cinema of Sergei Parajanov and advisor on the new restoration
  • Optional audio commentary on the Yutkevich Cut by Levon Abrahamyan
Disc 2
  • New 2K restoration of Sergei Parajanov's short film Kiev Frescoe with optional annotated commentary by Daniel Bird
  • Poetry, Pomegranates and Parajanov: A new appreciation by Daniel Bird
  • Pomegranates Rediscovered: Cecilia Cenciarelli of Bologna Cineteca on the multi-national effort to save The Colour of Pomegranates
  • Free Parajanov! Tony Rayns on the campaign to free Parajanov
  • The World is a Window: The Making of the Colour of Pomegranates
  • Memories About Sayat Nova: Levon Grigoryan's 2006 documentary featuring extracts from the rushes
  • 112 page limited edition book featuring Martin Scorsese introduction, archive material, new writings, costume designs

Catalogue number:  2NDBR4077

Certificate: U

Region: B